Scalable wall-mount, rack-mount and cabinet power solutions

Giving network operators and system integrators the control and reliability they need.

Telecommunications Power Solutions

Fully customisable AC and DC solutions for Carrier, ISP and service providers alike.

DC Recitifer

Advanced 19'' rack-mounted power system delivering up to 6000W in the single 1U profile

Or expanded capacity by stacking 3 racks to provide a total system capability up to 18,000W especially adapted for application of servers, information technology equipment, networking, telecommunications and a wide range of industrial applications using distributed power architecture.

Equipped with PMBus communication protocol, rack system can be controlled or monitored by external device such as monitoring unit or node.

AC Inverter

Low profile 1U and 2U systems for 19″ racks

DC-AC power inverter provides seamless back-up power for AC powered communications equipment from the site’s 48V DC battery system. A fast-acting transfer switch ensures voice and data transmissions remain uninterrupted in the event of a power grid failure or if the site utility power is disconnected for maintenance and upgrade purposes. 

DC Power Distribution

Panels providing distribution and overload protection for 1 to 20 circuits with circuit breakers

Telecom Rack-mounted DC Distribution Panel designed to accommodate virtually any 48V, 24V or 12V DC power distribution requirement. Its flexibility makes it ideal for all telecom site DC power requirements, large and small.

DC Converter

Ideal for 48V to 24V, 48V to 12V and 24V to 12V telecom applications

Isolated DC-DC Converters to provide excellent voltage regulation, low noise, and high efficiency voltage conversion. Reliability is vital under continuous duty operation and high ambient temperatures. All these aspects were incorporated in the design of our rackmount DC Converters.

Battery Strings

Communication and wireless network back-up power systems

Communication and wireless network power systems typically require back-up power capacity at 8-10 hour rates or more. It’s important that reserve battery systems in stand-by applications are sized properly and utilize high quality cells resulting in a long design life. Many factors must be considered when specifying and selecting the proper batteries for these applications, including peak and average loads, current, run time, ambient temperature,

Products and Platforms

Huge savings all aspects of routing, switching and storage systems, new and EOL platforms available on demand from a single module to fully configured systems needed over multiple sites.

Yes, 100% compatibility

That’s right, all 3rd party optics, memory, DAC and accessories are 100% OEM Compatible regardless of the manufacture whether that be Cisco, Ciena, Juniper or HP and the list goes on, with additional piece of mind from our no questions asked lifetime guarantee and ARP.

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